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Animal Jam Imparts Education In An Innovative Method

Since its launch in September 2010 by Wild Works, it has gained popularity over the years by its features and educational features. I found that the features are all helpful for a child to develop knowledge on animals while trying my hand at the game. As I was familiar with the book, I wanted to see the difference in the gaming application as well. After I had taken a ride through the game, I found the game very interesting and did not disappoint me even to the least. I fell in love with the easy interface along with the crystal clear graphics and attractive animation work.

I found this virtual game has some virtual benefits as well. It did not surprise me when I learned that Animal Jam is the most preferred virtual game in the gaming world with over fifty million gamers worldwide and the statistics are ever growing. Set in a fictitious place called Jamaa, the characters are mostly created by players, like I did, and biomes. I had to start playing the game by registering my name online and had to create a character of myself. What I liked most is that I could change the clothing and control the environment of the game.

Though I liked the game very much, I found that Animal Jam is better suited for children who are of and above ten years. They can learn a lot about animals as I had from the videos and wonderful facts displayed and furnished from time to time. I also found that the game had a very strong policy for the protection of privacy which I thought is very important to safeguard children. The most striking feature to keep a check on the children is the feature in the game which allows children to chat, but with some limitations and restrictions.

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What I liked most in Animal Jam game is their educational contents about animals. Displaying unknown and surprising facts and information and pictures of different animals attracted me very much and I am sure will keep children well informed and knowledgeable as well as glued to the game. As the game is associated with the National Geographic, the contents are diverse and wonderful. The interest of children will be unquenchable, and they will want to proceed till the end of the game, even more than I did. I came to know about nature, its effects on the environment and felt concerned about environmental degradation. 

I found that animal jam diamond codes required for the game are referred to as diamonds and gems according to their value. Animal Jam has in-game financing, for which I had to cross different levels, employ dynamic gameplay through the daily spin. This feature is given to members once a week. I also had provision to collect more items from different players by exchanging items offered and displayed through trade list. In short, what I found that in Animal Jam game, I could learn about animals and nature, learn ways for trading which I feel will be of immense help for a child in the future.

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